Our Goal

We build solutions with tangible results that help  IT and Compliance leadership at all kinds of organizations, such as banks, law firms, hospitals, municipal governments and large corporations, implement effective disaster recovery strategies that meet audit and compliance requirements without requiring massive infrastructure and time investments


Our team

The VM2020 team has over 25 years of combined experience in converting new technologies with high potential into proven solutions that address relevant business problems.

‚ÄčOur Solutions

We believe that for every problem we tackle the solution needs to take into consideration people, products, and processes. When all three elements are taken into consideration customers delight in the simplicity of the resulting solution.

Our Partners

Being a charter member of SimpliVity's Technology Alliance 

Program has given us access to great insights into solving difficult problems with an elegance and at a cost never thought possible before. 


Our Vision

VM2020 Solutions is focused on making the benefits of virtualization and hyperconvergence crystal clear to businesses of all sizes. Our core competencies in SimpliVity automation and data center virtualization address problems that have been prohibitively expensive to resolve in the past in areas such as Disaster Recovery and Compliance

Our Strength