Security and Resilience Services

​​CyberVR™ services help assess the effectiveness of your current security practices, identify capability gaps in your Incident Response strategy, and promote security cooperation between your business or organizational units. 

With CyberVR™, you will be able to identify and safely test the corrective measures needed to better defend your business-critical assets even in the event of a successful breach into your perimeter. 

CyberVR™ combines advanced threat assessment techniques with a very high degree of automation, the safety of fully functional yet isolated network bubbles, and the performance of modern software-defined  IT infrastructure. The resulting agility, applied to near exact-copies of production environments,  improves confidence by enabling:

  • Non-intrusive and full-scale cyber threat detection 
  • Vulnerability remediation testing without maintenance windows
  • Application and OS hardening testing without maintenance windows
  • What-if analysis before and during an incident 
  • Triage during incidents 
  • Reliable and fast recovery 
  • Post-incident forensics  
  • Preservation of evidence for forensics, attribution, and insurance claims 

CyberVR ™'s ​enhanced operational agility for cybersecurity testing and remediation simulation can give your risk and technology leaders confidence and comfort that you are adequately prepared to prevent and respond to a cyber breach. This confidence is the antidote to the "Fear to Act" that is prevalent in so many organizations and which has kept metrics like average "Time to Detection" at 191 days and average "Time to Containment" at 66 days.