Executive summary

Cybersecurity is top of mind for today's business leaders and technology planners. Security Breaches and ransomware attacks can cripple operations, disrupt revenue and ruin a company's reputation. The hard fact is that a breach is a "when" scenario versus an "if scenario".

Unfortunately, most organizations are insufficiently prepared for the next cyber-attack. Most lack the proper IT infrastructure and tools to fully assess potential vulnerabilities, detect threats, practice and refine threat response, and quickly restore services. 

This paper explains how software-defined infrastructure (SDI) and advanced disaster recovery (DR) automation solutions can help you dramatically improve cyber readiness. In today's world, cyber-attacks are inevitable. This paper breaks down how you can reduce risk and uncertainty and by leveraging your underutilized DR systems to hunt for undetected threats, conduct realistic drills, and remediate attacks--efficiently, safely and cost-effectively.

This innovative approach to mitigating cybersecurity risks through realistic end-to-end simulations enhances recoverability and predictability resulting in streamlined cyber planning and recovery efforts, all while containing operating expenses. 

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