2-Day Automation Workshop

The 2-day automation workshop is an on-site, hands-on seminar to assist customers in preparing and testing their first Site Recovery procedures for all SimpliVity federations using EZDR.

Additionally, the workshop will cover topics related to workflow optimization, process simplification, and task automation.


DR Drill Assistance

The DR Drill assistance is a professional service offered to simplify the execution of planned DR drills. As part of this service, VM2020 will be on call during planned DR drills in a 12 month period to assist you with planning and address any potential issues.

This service also includes assistance with: 

  • Conducting Runbook audits and identifying known issues before the drill

  • Runbook grouping for RTO reduction

  • esource mapping

  • Exception handling

2-day Full Scale Vulnerability Assessment and Remediation Testing

CyberVR™ is a professional service that adds automation, instrumentation and simulation capabilities to modern disaster recovery environments. By doing this, CyberVR™ delivers a list of specific cyber vulnerabilities found on the user's environment, damage report created by realistically exploiting found vulnerabilities on a quarantined environment, list of side effects on applications and services created by applying remediation tasks and suggested steps to apply remediation tasks on production systems.

This services also features:

  • Zero impact on production workloads

  • Limited involvement of staff

  • Creation of fully functional isolated network bubbles that can also be used for conventional change tasks

  • Deliver proof that applied remediations are effective in addressing the identified vulnerabilities

  • Asses how the organization could have recovered in a predictable manner from damage inflicted by a severe incident

  • Customizable to accommodate larger environments or scope