What we do

"Train like you fight, fight like you train" is a proven approach to delivering consistent results in practically every discipline. Practice makes perfect. VM2020 Solutions applies that mindset to cybersecurity by providing a full-scale simulation sandbox of your datacenter that can be used for preparedness, triage, containment, recovery and forensics. The simulation platform is non-disruptive and combines agile automation and workflows, helping align business continuity and cybersecurity functions.

Leaders and decision-makers gain confidence and peace of mind by obtaining evidence that their organizations are prepared to respond to natural or manmade disasters. VM2020 makes it easy for your organization to make good choices and improve cyber risk posture by practicing cyber defense and recovery with VM2020's CyberVR™ and EZDR™ platforms. 


We help you identify what is real, important and dangerous to your organization.

CyberVR™ is a patent-pending realistic simulation platform that lets you manipulate near-exact copies of your datacenter to accelerate your risk management cycle. More importantly, it helps you identify your cybersecurity strengths and weaknesses and quickly recover operations should controls fail. Sandboxing capabilities are used before, during, and after cyber events to experiment and decide on the best course of action without exacerbating the incident with excessive improvisation.  

Hunt for threats without impact, exploit vulnerabilities to describe cyber risks in a business context, assess risks of remediation steps and patches on business processes, conduct cyber wargames, accelerate triage and threat containment, exercise full scale recovery, practice forensics. Safely and Quickly.   


Be protected, gain confidence, and let CyberVR™ provide evidence that you know what is real, important, dangerous, and are acting on it.


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Nobody is immune to Cyber Risk


Prove your preparedness.


Who we are

In the Digital Age , cyber risk is one of the most significant risks we face. Cyber threats represent a worldwide, systemic risk across all industries and sectors. Our increasingly networked world is exposed to cyber threats at all times, and as a result, lives, infrastructure, data, and systems need to be safe and resilient.

VM2020's technical experience and intellectual property makes possible the use of realistic simulations that leverage modern datacenter technologies to effectively manage cyber risk. Our team has a deep understanding of how to integrate people, technology and processes to achieve an organization’s cyber risk mitigation objectives, while leveraging already existing skills and assets. 

The VM2020 Solutions team is devoted to providing executives and strategic decision-makers with evidence that best practices are operational and that their teams are focusing on the right cybersecurity issues.

Our goal is to empower multi-disciplinary teams to deliver effective cyber defense and resilience capabilities across their enterprises. This is our commitment to you and to the world!


Mitigate Cyber and DevOps Risk.


Before, during and after severe incidents.


HPE and Technology Partner VM2020 deliver predictable, agile DR and cyber resilience

HPE SimpliVity with VM2020 EZDR lowers cost and complexity of full-scale disaster recovery

Our clients

A wide range of industries and organizations operating on five continents already benefit from VM2020 solutions. 
Our clients include financial institutions, healthcare providers, manufacturing companies, professional services firms, and retail stores.