​​​​​​​Welcome to VM2020, the  leader in cyber resilience and business continuity solutions for  private clouds.

VM2020 brings the confidence-building and operational benefits of realistic simulations to business continuity, cyber resilience, and information technology.

​​We retool your DR site to also serve as a realistic and safe "cyber range" you can leverage before, during, and after severe incidents. 

Reduce risks and improve outcomes with VM2020.  


CyberVR™ software and services build confidence and improve outcomes before, during, and after cyber incidents. CyberVR™ integrates best practices in business continuity and cybersecurity with proven VM2020 automation to deliver agile and realistic simulations using near- exact copies of production systems. 


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​ VM2020 


EZDR™ is a Disaster Recovery automation solution  for Hyperconverged systems that delivers proven Recovery Time Objectives (RTO) and Recovery Point Objectives (RPO) of mere minutes.

The  minimal infrastructure and staffing requirements significantly reduce IT and other expenses, freeing resources to invest in business continuity and cybersecurity.