Improvisation is not a strategy for cyber resilience

Cyber threats are getting more sophisticated, and it is more important than ever to make proven resilience a core part of your business. Our Thin Digital Twin technology helps you detect, remediate, and validate vulnerabilities continuously in a safe copy of your production systems without any risks.

Make digital operational resilience part of your plan.

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Why our work matters to you

Refine, solidify, and validate your business processes with seamless team integration.

Addressing root causes that introduce vulnerabilities is the only sustainable prevention mechanism for proving digital operational resilience.

Prioritize cyber work by understanding the business impact of exploitable vulnerabilities.

Finding which specific system vulnerabilities are exploitable and what their impacts will be is the only way to sharpen your resilience measures.

Deploy and test cyber remediations for efficacy and safety before going live.

Worrying about downtime from cyber security remediations delays much-needed actions, which exacerbates preventable risks.

Our software is built for a holistic, multidisciplinary approach that can
achieve digital operational resilience.

Safe, live-fire testing
Built for interdisciplinary teams
Proven and predictable recovery
No more black boxes

Solving the Agility vs. Resilience Dilemma
with Thin Digital Twins

It is now possible to predict and fix the side effects of software configuration changes without impacting production. Learn more through Greg Van Der Gaast's industry expert guest blog series "What We Call Security".

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Our process matters


Run exercises in a replica of your production systems to see exploitable risks.


Understand and prioritize threats and see consequences of inaction in business terms.


Accelerate remediations without fear of causing down time or unintended consequences.


Continuously ensure that the remediations are addressing the vulnerabilities and that controls are properly configured.

Industry Testimonials

“CyberVR not only allows the bank to recover data seamlessly but also provides the framework for us, to validate our system hardening and resiliency against an ever-changing threat landscape, with zero impact to production–stellar support and are a pleasure to work with.”

Thomas Foresta, SVP/CIO Randolph Bancorp

“In Healthcare most applications are siloed, so any change or modification can result in application failures and performance issues. CyberVR allowed us to test our environment in ways we never thought we could, across patching and application upgrade processes, and feel confident that when we do these in production we'll be successful.”

Dale Galacchi, IT Manager The Bone and Joint Center

“Partners like VM2020 really are our heroes. Every day, they help our joint customers tame IT monsters like cyber vulnerability, enabling customers from to transform their IT while protecting and evolving their business.”

Paul Hunter, Managing Director HPE North America

Make the shift today towards proven cyber resilience

If you’re ready to prove the impact your cyber initiatives are having in a business context through evidence-based solutions, we’re ready show you.

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