Cyber Resilience Vault

First-generation cyber vaults are backup-based which severely limits the number of workloads they can protect due to the immense data copy requirements. They incorrectly assume that restoring unencrypted files is enough, without considering the need of eradicating all the invisible damage attackers inflicted while they roamed around your network for months.

Our Cyber Resilience Vault eliminates those restrictions by leveraging CyberVR's digital twin technology and immutable storage snapshots. The combination lets organizations preserve evidence for forensics, while instantly delivering an air-gapped, automated cleaning room where systems can be triaged, cleaned, hardened, validated, and re-protected.

Now you can safely and confidently iterate recovery processes infinite times before, during, and after incidents occur. Never get caught off-guard again.

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If CyberVR offers fast and predictable recovery, why do we need a vault?
For more control and fewer disruptions.

Cyber Resilience Vaults based on CyberVR can be deployed in the topology that best meets your needs


In-array immutable snapshots with capacity efficient and automated virtual-air-gap recovery throught CyberVR on exisiting compute infrastructure

Compute Only

Isolated compute environment with dedicated management plane (vault), connected via FC to production array and snapshots. In-vault recovery with CyberVR


Fully isolated compute, storage, and management plane (vault) with secure and fast FC replication ingest. In-vault recovery with CyberVR

Why it makes a difference

Proven Recovery

Effortlessly test recovery processes at scale


Hardware immutability with guaranteed retention


Validate recovery efforts across multidisciplinary teams


VMs, Bare Metal, Networks, Applications, and Storage

Isolated Recovery

Agility for scanning, eradication, and hardening

Fast Recovery

Efficient snaps mean near-instant recovery at scale

Our vault helps you identify the blast radius by correlating storage, compute, network, and applications to accelerate recovery, eradication, and hardening.

Things to look for in a Vault
Things to avoid
Low-level Immutability
High performance and storage efficient.
Immune from administrative deletion or NTP tampering.
Soft Immutability
Software based immutability is prone to abuse, while password protected repositories are vulnerable.
Instant and Automated Recovery
End-to-end automation including capacity efficient data recovery, compute, network, and applications.
Manual and Data-Copy Based Recovery
Results in immense recovery delays that require multiple recoveries. Lack of automation makes it hard to test.
Scalability for all Required Workloads
Predictable and proven recovery times for thousands of VMs and bare metal servers, that can be easily tested.
Limited Scope and Scalability
Data recovery is not enough, functional services must be recovered, which require storage, compute, and network.
Automated Workflows with your Choice of Tools
Malware scanning, exploitability, full-force penetration testing, and management plane recovery.
Limited and Rigid Workflows
Every environment is different. The workflows in the vault must be adaptable to various tools and workflows.

With the EU's DORA regulations on the horizon, is your organization ready to prove that your systems are prepared at the level it requires?  

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Make the shift today towards proven cyber resilience

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