About Us

Founded in 2015 by leading practitioners in the automation, simulation, and software-defined data center technologies, VM2020 decided to tackle one of the IT industry’s toughest challenges: moving the IT industry from its traditional data and disaster recovery protection to proven digital operational resilience at speed and scale - including from evolving cyber threats.

VM2020’s patents and products help organizations worldwide overcome the fear of technology changes that dangerously amplifies their exposure to both internal and external risk factors. Our mission is to champion agile process improvements and technology updates that result in the ability to validate the effectiveness of controls,  “fight while wounded” during attacks, and prove fast recovery capabilities even from the most destructive incidents.

In building solutions that empower interdisciplinary collaboration between operations and application teams, resilience is easier to achieve and more cost-effective to sustain. Approaching the problem from the quality and process improvement world we come from means our solutions work at breadth and depth that traditional data protection simply can’t.

A supportive network of technology partners like Hitachi, HPE, Dell, Nutanix, and VMware has allowed VM2020 to expand across 4 continents and serve customers ranging from Global 50 to mid-size companies in all market segments.

The future of operational digital resilience does not sit within a single technology team or a single tool, and the work VM2020 is doing allows more organizations to adapt to evolving threats and changing needs at the pace they need.

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