CyberVR TM

Be prepared to defend your organization.

Identify what is real, important and dangerous.

Mitigate Cyber Risk, before, during and after Cyber incidents.

VM2020 Solutions developed their patent pending simulation engagement platform CyberVR™,  to help individuals and organizations effectively mitigate Cyber Risk, before, during, and after cyber incidents occur.

CyberVR™ brings to risk management cutting edge technology to realistic simulate the impact of cyber threats on your organization leveraging your current business continuity infrastructure and processes.

With CyberVR™ the organization can go through the phases of the risk management cycle without disruption, including building muscle memory and situational awareness.  

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Defend yourself and prove your preparedness

  • Hunt for threats without impact

  • Exploit vulnerabilities to describe cyber risks in a business context

  • Assess risks of remediation steps and patches on business processes

  • Conduct cyber war-games using near exact copies of production systems

  • Accelerate triage and threat containment

  • Exercise full scale recovery without additional IT resources

  • Practice forensic techniques that satisfy insurance companies

  • Align your business continuity and cyber resilience teams at all stages of risk management

  • Learn key lessons and take corrective actions