CyberVR is a software automation and instrumentation platform that accelerates full-scale, realistic, and continuous cyber resilience validation without the technical, organizational, and managerial challenges that normally slow you down.

CyberVR creates near-instant thin digital twins of production leveraging existing data protection solutions and virtualized workloads. The thin digital twins are instrumented to facilitate safe detection, remediation, and recovery validation.

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“You can't just assume that your plans are going to work. You have to test them. You have to develop a set of alternate scenarios that may put you in uncomfortable positions.”

Chris Krebs, Former DHS CISA Director
(Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency)
What is a Thin Digital Twin?
A Thin Digital Twin (TDT) is a near instant, disposable, copy of your IT production environment that can be used for safe, methodical, and continuous experimentation and compliance validation. Whether testing minor updates or bold transformation, you can see the difference between proactivity, reactivity, or inactivity at the point in time of your choosing. Organization can improve insights, preparedness, and response/recovery speed by seeing real implications of any decision, without ever touching the production system.
Visit our blog for a deeper discussion on what powers our Thin Digital Twin technology.

See impact quickly


CyberVR comes pre-loaded with a variety of workflows for your organization to get started.

Custom Integration

Deeper dive into your specific system needs and specifications for a more fully integrated and collaborative solution.

Advising & Consulting

Consultations to analyze your current defenses and what types of threats you should be going after.


Pick and choose what kind of partner product integrations work best for your organization at different scales.

Vulnerability Assessment and Threat Hunting
Conduct aggressive scans without fear of generating down time or impacting performance. Keep work schedules normal without crashes or maintenance window interruptions.
Ransomware Recoverability Validation
Create full scale versions of your data centers in isolated networks where you can conduct triage and ensure any threats are eradicated before making the systems available to end users.
Remediation Implementation and Validation
Once vulnerabilities are prioritized use the instrumented thin digital twins to apply corrective actions and ensure they address the issues without creating unintended consequences.
Penetration Testing
Conduct human or automated penetration testing where vulnerabilities are exploited to the ultimate consequence in order to determine their actual business impact and assign the right priority.
Implement full-scale automated patch testing in an isolated network to identify and prevent any side effects from the patches and reboot sequence.
Platform Training Sessions
Every client solution includes 8 hours of training sessions to maximize “time to value” so you can be productive faster. These are typically 4  2-hour sessions in the three months after installation.
Cyber resilience isn’t just training manuals or war game simulations or tabletop discussions or cyber ranges or tick-box compliance. It’s proven capabilities for business continuity against all the problems you haven’t even thought about yet: testing real responses in high-fidelity replicas of entire operating systems, taking into account the perspectives from all your different teams.
Unpredictable maintenance windows can strain team relationships
Identifying and maintaining a secure point in time for recovery is critical
Light storage improves by an order of magnitude for cyber security measures
Understanding nuances of threats faced is the only way to address them
Inclusion of customer-specific tools into CyberVR’s thin digital twins means they can be configured at their most aggressive level without fear of impacting production.
  • Common partner integrations:

  • Nessus - Vulnerability Scanners
  • WinSUS - Patch Automation
  • Pentera - Penetration Testing
  • BlueVector - File level validation
  • Dynatrace - Operational health check
  • Splunk - SIEM

Make the shift today towards proven cyber resilience

If you’re ready to prove the impact your cyber initiatives are having in a business context through evidence-based solutions, we’re ready show you.

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