VM2020 on Greg Van Der Gaast's Guest Blog Series

Friends and colleagues,

It is hard to find people in our industry with the chops to write “I have come to see the size of the global cyber security market as a rather damning indictment of just how poor our current approach is” and really back it up. Which is why we're excited to have Greg van der Gaast joining for us for a blog series digging into cybersecurity and recovery issues that only someone with his experience, insights, and actionable ideas can.

We have been following and working with Greg for a few years now to refine the transformational Thin Digital Twin technology embodied in our CyberVR solution. We believe that our work can help bring about Greg’s vision of stopping the current whack-a-mole approach to chasing vulnerabilities and find a way to focus on safely solving the root causes of the security weaknesses–not just symptoms–that plague our digitally-enabled business processes. I am happy to be able to share this set of seven blog articles Greg recently wrote that later became his latest book "What we Call Security". Here you'll  find completely new angles from which to analyze security and risk in a way that finally moves us forward and reduces the absurd amount of money we currently spend in security. Or, as the book suggests, what we call security. Which isn't always the same.

Enjoy the posts and please get in touch if you'd like a courtesy copy of the book or to discuss the work that we hope comes out of it. Our doors are always open.

Bernardo Starosta

CEO, VM2020 Solutions

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