Horizon View Recovery
- Protecting Persistent Desktops
The Story
Our customer is a Global 50 financial institution with approximately $3 trillion in assets, a presence in more than 50 countries, and over 180,000 employees. Like many leading financial institutions, they rely on virtual desktops to provide secure end-user computing to their key employees. Many of their power users require what are known as persistent desktops, which allow power users to maintain their data, applications, and configurations across sessions. During their cyber security and business continuity risk assessment workshops, they realized that recovering their persistent virtual desktops from disruptive incidents (whether accidental or malicious) required complex and error-prone steps above and beyond recovering data. These steps included ensuring data integrity post-incident, reassigning the right permissions to each desktop, and preserving login information to keep the process transparent for end users. This translated into days of downtime while IT staff executed a mostly manual recovery process. This customer wanted a solution that would let them accelerate and test cyber vulnerability remediation, help them recover quickly from severe incidents, and preserve evidence required to collect on cyber insurance policies.
The Solution
VM2020 Solutions leveraged its close technical alliance with VMware to create a scalable and tightly integrated recovery solution for Horizon View persistent desktops. The resulting end-to-end solution powered by CyberVR eliminates the need for scripts that are very difficult to develop, test, maintain and troubleshoot. By leveraging CyberVR’s thin digital twin technology, administrators can recover vast persistent VDI environments in minutes. CyberVR also gives them the ability to triage, remediate, and validate the health of the environment before reconnecting users. The tight integration between CyberVR and VMware Horizon View delivers one-click failovers, as opposed to system administrations having to follow hundreds of manual steps and/or custom scripts that are seldom tested and maintained. Employing CyberVR capabilities requires no additional industry certifications and relies on a user-friendly tool that guides the vCenter administrator through the process of creating and testing fully functional DR and ransomware recovery Runbooks.
The Impact
Power users at Mitsubishi/MUFG now receive both the usability benefits of persistent desktops and the proven resilience the business demands. Its computing infrastructure can be quickly recovered in case of disruptive incidents such as ransomware attacks, other activities from malicious actors, self-inflicted or accidental outages, or natural disasters.

Client Testimonials

“CyberVR not only allows the bank to recover data seamlessly but also provides the framework for us, to validate our system hardening and resiliency against an ever-changing threat landscape, with zero impact to production–stellar support and are a pleasure to work with.”

Thomas A. Foresta, SVP/CIO Randolph Bancorp

“In Healthcare most applications are siloed, so any change or modification can result in application failures and performance issues. CyberVR allowed us to test our environment in ways we never thought we could, across patching and application upgrade processes, and feel confident that when we do these in production we'll be successful.”

Dale Gallacchi, IT Manager The Bone and Joint Center

“Partners like VM2020 really are our heroes. Every day, they help our joint customers tame IT monsters like cyber vulnerability, enabling customers from to transform their IT while protecting and evolving their business.”

Paul Hunter, Managing Director HPE North America

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